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by Mist at 8:43 PM
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Hello all, welcome to Project Korra. This mega thread will provide information on the project in great detail, as well as list out some of the goals of the project.

What is 'Project Korra'?
Project Korra is a new place for members across the Bending Minecraft community to interact. Project Korra will cover more than just the existing Bending plugin available on the Bukkit platform, I hope that in time it will cover many more aspects of Minecraft. Things such as a new, completely rewritten Bukkit Plugin that is actively maintained, a full on Forge Mod, completely compatible with the plugin, Resource Packs, and more. This project is expected to last for a very long time, with the goal of bringing the Bending Minecraft community together.

Who Even Are You?
Hey, I'm MistPhizzle. If you own a server on the official Bending Server list available on Bukkit, chances are I've visited. I have been working on / with the existing plugin for the better part of two years, and...