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by Mist at 2:18 PM
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Hello everyone, I wanted to give a couple of quick updates on the future of ProjectKorra. This post will be a bit long, but bear with us.

Over the last week or so we have had many internal discussions on what direction we would like to take the project. Now that we are entering year 3, there are a lot of goals we had set out for and wanted to accomplish but hadn’t gotten to it yet. This post will serve as an update about what has been going on and what’s currently on our agenda.

First and foremost, regarding ProjectKorra (Core):

For the last year or so we have focused on relentlessly expanding ProjectKorra (Core). We are still going to be working on it, but changing our direction. We have several planned features for ProjectKorra (Core) but wanted to do a couple of things first.

First, we are going to work on actually stabilizing Core. The next couple of builds will likely be VERY bug fix heavy as we work to get out large remaining bugs. Simply put, we want to start...
by Mist at 3:03 PM
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Hello everyone, just a couple of notes. First and foremost, here’s the new section of the forum dedicated to the server. From this point forward, all server discussion will happen here.

That said, I wanted to start a new discussion on one very specific topic that is important as we begin developing the server. Protections, clans, etc. This is something I want as much feedback on as possible.

Tell me about some of the servers you have been on, what they used for protections, clans, parties, etc. What was good about it? What was bad about it. Let’s get a good discussion going. Talk about what setups work on some servers and what doesn't do so well on others. Healthy discussion is good!

All the best.
by Mist at 11:35 AM
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Hello everyone, I’m creating this thread to provide an update on the ProjectKorra server, as well as to open up discussions and answer questions that you all may have. So here we go:

First, a quick explanation on what the ProjectKorra Server is:

The ProjectKorra Server will be an official ProjectKorra product, much like anything else we release. It will be professionally maintained by the ProjectKorra staff and held to the same standards as the rest of our products. It will be designed to bring the community together in one place to have fun, test new things, and get to know each other better.

With that being said, here are some quick questions and answers:

How can I access the server?
The server is still being constructed, but access will be completely free forever. There will be perks available in-game for use, however, the features of ProjectKorra (element switches, Probending and Spirits (when available), all default abilities, etc) will be available...