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Hello everyone! I wanted to provide everyone with an update about what has been happening with ProjectKorra. This is going to be a bit lengthy, so grab a snack and settle in as I walk you through all things ProjectKorra!

Staff Applications

Since the launch of the server, we’ve had A LOT of new applications come in. I’m catching up on processing a vast majority of them, but I do plan on responding to them all in due time -- even if we’re outside of the original 10-day waiting period.

I will address a couple of quick notes about staff applications in general:
  • Everyone that wants to join the team MUST fill out the application in its entirety. Private messages are not staff applications. If an application asks for a portfolio (i.e. Builder applications) and you respond with “message me for more info,” your application will be denied.
  • Just because your application is denied, doesn’t mean it is bad. We have a lot of people applying for very few spots. Our server...
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Hello everyone! We're very excited to announce the launch of the official ProjectKorra Server! This thread will contain some basic information about what to expect when you join and some of the bare minimum information on the server. As time goes on, we'll update the forum to keep information up to date.

When you join:
  • It is STRONGLY recommended that you download the ProjectKorra resource pack when you sign in. This will allow you to see some of the custom items we've added to the game.
  • You can pick your element and change once. After that, you'll have to wait 10 days to change your element again. VIP members will be able to change their element for free with no cool down.
  • There are NO unofficial Bending addons added to the server.
  • Arenas are available!
  • When you enter our Avatar map, you'll spawn at a random location. PvP is on, so be careful!
  • The server is MC 1.12, but clients on 1.12.1 WILL be able to connect.
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Hello everyone! I wanted to just give a quick few updates about what has been happening in ProjectKorra! I’m doing my absolute best to bring more consistency to the frequency of community updates. The development side of things can be a bit harder to schedule / create a set frequency, but these are totally doable.

Without further ado,

We’re working on a bunch of stuff. I mean a bunch of stuff. Our staff is working essentially around the clock to create a bunch of new stuff, with a bunch of it yet to be announced. Read on a bit further and you’ll get a glimpse, but I’ll provide details on what I can.

We’re wrapping up ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.5. We have found a few bugs that needed fixing before release and are closing in on a cleaner build. Expect a release this week after Tuesday (we’ll notify you if things change!)

The Official ProjectKorra Server

The initial launch date was just a typo. I was looking at the calendar wrong. It turns out that August 4th...