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by Mist at 8:51 AM
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Hello everyone! We're in the process of making several changes to ProjectKorra but I wanted to take some time out to announce an exciting new addition to the project: Avatar Mod 2 - Out of the Iceberg.

This is a Forge Mod that was originally developed by @CrowsOfWar. Crows and a couple of other developers have joined the ProjectKorra team to continue development on the project.

You can find more information here:

Please bear with us as we work to get documentation up to speed and sections of the website and forum fleshed out.

We're excited for the next steps for ProjectKorra as we expand our mission statement and goals.

Thanks everyone :)
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Hello everyone! Wanted to provide some information on a few updates we did to the server store. Huge shout out to Viper for help on designing the new Amiibos and Hades for implementation. Without further ado:

You can access the web store @

As always, the server can be accessed via the IP:


This coupon code will give you 50% off your ENTIRE order. There’s a catch: this can only be used a total of 10 times and it will expire shortly after. Each player can use it once.


All items in the store are 15% off through next week!


Existing VIP users just got another perk, access to the VIP store. When you enter your username on the ProjectKorra store, it will check to see if you have the VIP package. If you have the package, you will see the new “VIP Store” category. This category is full of other items from around the PK Webstore at a...
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Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. If you’re located along the Texas coast, or anywhere that is being hit by Hurricane Harvey, please take extra precaution to ensure your own safety.

Without further ado, this is going to be a quick community update to give everyone an idea of where things are as we head into the school year and wind down the Summer.

Development Updates

There isn't too much to report on the Development front. Our Developers are hard at work to continue releasing new content while fixing several bugs, but there just isn't much to report at this moment. With school starting, Development will slow down a little bit, but should not grind to a halt. Expect more specific Development updates in the near future.

Server Updates

@Hades had a personal emergency this week, so we’ve been a bit slower on rolling out major updates. He’s still in and out, but we’ve made some progress on a few things. Here’s a couple of things...