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ProjectKorra Community

by Kiam at 8:41 AM
(832 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello, ProjectKorra Community! I am writing to you today to announce some things that have happened in the past few days. The ProjectKorra staff have been working so much on the 1.8.0 full release and it's on it's way to you all very very soon. While speaking about development, I'd also like to welcome some new developers to our team! @davidj919 , @Sobki , and last but not least @OccultEnemy . It's been a pleasure to work with them so far, and I am excited to see what the future holds!

Concept Design:
In other news, the concept designers will now be using the "in development" tag for features that are planned or currently being developed for the next version! This will allow you all to comment and know what's happening next by looking up "in development" threads. While I am on Concept Design, I also want to welcome back some members of the Concept Design team! @Dr_CrossFire &...
by Kiam at 10:10 AM
(851 Views / 4 Likes)
Hello community members. I am writing this post to clear some things up for you all. It's come to my attention that some of you have come to false conclusions of how the changes for the plugin are planned and designed, so I will let you guys know a bit more about the process.

About a month and a half ago, I messaged the concept designers to come up with a document of all of the ideas they wanted to official propose to the changes for the plugin. This is their main job as concept designers, to design and endorse certain concepts given to them. A huge part of the ideas proposed were ideas that came from the "looking into" section of the forums. We then all look at the document as a whole and discuss things to decide what makes it through to the end.

The role of concept designers, as I stated before is to propose their own ideas and endorse and propose ideas that have come from the forums. The suggestion section of the forums is there for you all to speak to concept...
by Kiam at 9:38 PM
(822 Views / 8 Likes)
Hello, members of the ProjectKorra community and some visitors. I wanted to make this announcement for a few reasons. I am going to start off on a serious note. As some of you may know, there has been a lot going on recently in the United States. Two very tragic events took place in Orlando this weekend. On Friday, former "Voice" contestant and YouTuber Christina Grimmie was shot and killed after a concert. On Sunday morning, an armed terrorist gunned down 49 individuals at "Pulse" nightclub. This was a hate crime against the LGBT community. I would just like to take a moment to grieve for the families that lost their loved ones this weekend.

So, to continue some sad news, I want to apologize for a mistake that we'd made in the past regarding some staff departures. We have two staff members that were not properly acknowledged for the amount of work they've done:

@Simplicitee was a huge bug crusher and helped the plugin a lot when he still worked on the...