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    ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.3 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (Items) v1.4.0 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (RPG) v1.1.0 can be downloaded here.
    You can find the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack right here.

    You can follow development on our official Trello board or via Github. If you notice any bugs, be sure to report them by opening a new Bug Report here.

ProjectKorra Community

by OmniCypher at 6:11 PM
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Hello, everyone! There has been a lot of rumors recently about bending being dead or nothing being done. I am here to put that all to rest and address all these issues as well as go over everything we have been doing since the last Core release. Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and say it is good to be back. I am sure a lot of people are frustrated with the long delay for updates and I would like to take responsibility for any gap in development. Alongside finals and other school work, my computer's hard drive actually failed and I was left without a working machine for a few weeks. However, I am happy to report that I am now on Winter break and my computer is back up and running. Let's begin with looking at...
by Mist at 3:53 PM
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Hello everyone. Beginning tomorrow we will be temporarily restricting access to the test server. This is being done so that we can work on some other extremely important things.

The amount of time it will be done is yet to be determined, but you can expect updates periodically. We'll answer questions when the time comes.

I know this is vague -- just bear with us.
by ProjectKorra at 10:17 PM
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Hello everyone! We promised in our last post we would aim for an update every two weeks. We plan to stick to that promise.

New Versioning Standards
It may be a tad confusing, but in order to maintain consistency between all of our plugins we are going to be changing how we display version numbers for ProjectKorra (Core). We will begin using this format <Breaking Version>.<Major Version>.<Minor Version>. For instance, this build is the first minor build of the 1.8 major release so it can be written as 1.8.1. When we are done with intended features, the build will be promoted to 1.9.0. Any breaking API changes will result in the Breaking Version being changed and the plugin would become 2.0.0.

This build takes care of a lot of issues we found in the 1.8.0 release. It is highly recommended that you update your server as soon as possible. This build also contains some cool new features that we hope you will like. Reply to this thread with the...