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    ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.3 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (Items) v1.4.0 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (RPG) v1.1.0 can be downloaded here.
    You can find the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack right here.

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ProjectKorra Community

by Mist at 10:12 PM
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Hello everyone! Long time no post, at least to this section anyway. I thought I'd make this thread to pretty much show you guys how the plugin is coming along.

1) The project is growing like crazy. We have more than twice the people using the plugin now (still not a lot) than we did this time last week, as of this post. More detailed explanation on the stats below.

Current Stats: (As of this post)

Preface: This data is collected via the use of PluginMetrics. If you do not have PluginMetrics turned on in your server, go to the PluginMetrics folder and set opt-out to false. It allows us to collect some useful data that we use for development purposes.

Forum Users: 102 (13 of which were registered within the last week)

Servers Using This Plugin: 22

Of the 22 servers using this plugin:
  • 16 Servers are using a 1.3.0 build or later.
  • 4 Servers are using a 1.2.0 build.
  • 2 Servers are using a build older than 1.2.0 but later than 1.0.0....
by Mist at 11:26 PM
(404 Views / 5 Likes)
Hello everyone, I am creating this post to create an update type deal as to where we are going with ProjectKorra and to answer some questions that I've been getting a bit.

Development on ProjectKorra is going stronger now than it has been since it started. Our development staff has practically doubled in size since we began the project and I continue to find new people interested each day. Additionally, we are opening up new positions for those who can't handle the code side of things, but know the limits and can do what we call 'concept design'.

Concept Designers are those that have continuously made idea contributions to the plugin in such a well thought out manner, perhaps more than just a forum post here and there. They work to test out the plugin and balance it as much as humanly possible, tending to catch what the developers overlook.

We are still working tirelessly to add new features to ProjectKorra, although if you haven't noticed, most of the dev builds have been more...
by Mist at 11:50 AM
(359 Views / 1 Likes)
Hello everyone. This morning, I released ProjectKorra (Core) v1.2.0. You can download it and view the full changelog here: http://projectkorra.com/resources/projectkorra-core.1/update?update=3

Help Wanted: Wiki Contributors
I spend plenty of time developing the plugin itself and operating my own server, thus, I do not have time to complete the wiki and keep it updated. I am looking for people to actively maintain the wiki. If you could please contact me if this is something you may be interested in I would be very appreciative. Pretty much every aspect of the plugin needs to be documented.

Other News:
The project is starting to gain traction. I have talked about why I am not releasing the project on Bukkit, however, to gain further traction I may begin to release it elsewhere. (Minecraft Forums, PlanetMinecraft, etc). That said, I will have to get some volunteer staff done on this forum.

Several people have posted applications / have talked to me...