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ProjectKorra Community

by Mist at 11:50 AM
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Hello everyone. This morning, I released ProjectKorra (Core) v1.2.0. You can download it and view the full changelog here: http://projectkorra.com/resources/projectkorra-core.1/update?update=3

Help Wanted: Wiki Contributors
I spend plenty of time developing the plugin itself and operating my own server, thus, I do not have time to complete the wiki and keep it updated. I am looking for people to actively maintain the wiki. If you could please contact me if this is something you may be interested in I would be very appreciative. Pretty much every aspect of the plugin needs to be documented.

Other News:
The project is starting to gain traction. I have talked about why I am not releasing the project on Bukkit, however, to gain further traction I may begin to release it elsewhere. (Minecraft Forums, PlanetMinecraft, etc). That said, I will have to get some volunteer staff done on this forum.

Several people have posted applications / have talked to me...
by Mist at 11:15 AM
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Hello all, so I've seen a lot of discussion threads across various server forums asking for suggestions, which is great to hear. One of the most suggested features for both ProjectKorra and orion's version of Bending is the addition of sub-elements. I'm interested in adding sub elements to each element, however, I'm at a bit of a road block with how to do so. This is what this thread is for, it is for us all to come together and discuss how we would like the sub elements to work and what they should look like. Eventually, when the sub elements begin to be developed, this thread will come into play.

What are sub elements?
Three elements have known sub elements. Waterbending has Bloodbending, Plantbending, and Healing. Earthbending has Metalbending and Sandbending. Firebending has Lightning bending and redirection. These are in the show, and a few of them have already been implemented but may be improved upon.

How should they be implemented?
A few sub elements already...
by Mist at 12:00 PM
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General Changes:
  • Fixed spelling errors in default permissions.
  • Added Region Protection Support for the following plugins:
    • WorldGuard
    • PreciousStones
    • Factions
    • GriefPrevention
    • Towny
  • Fix NPE where config wasn't generating on startup.
  • All colors now respect the config. (e.g. Chi abilities will be whatever color chi is in the config). This also fixes the wrong colors when adding firebending.
  • /bending add <Player> <Element> now works properly.
  • Abilities you no longer have permission for are automatically unbound when you switch elements.
  • bending.player defaults to true.
  • /b works as an alias for Bending.
  • Properly stop all Bending when the server shuts down.
  • 'add' now has 'a' as an alias. (/bending a)
  • 'who' now has 'w' as an alias. (/bending w)
  • bending.command.version now defaults to all players.
  • bending.command.who now defaults to all players.
  • /bending display will no longer show abilities that a...