1. Hey Guest, here are some important links for you to our latest stuff!

    ProjectKorra (Core) v1.8.1 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (Items) v1.4.0 can be downloaded here.
    ProjectKorra (RPG) v1.1.0 can be downloaded here.
    You can find the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack right here.

    You can follow development on our official Trello board or via Github. If you notice any bugs, be sure to report them by opening a new Bug Report here.

ProjectKorra Community

by Mist at 12:32 PM
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Hello, I have finally released the first version of ProjectKorra (Core). There are some things I would like to say / ask before you download and use:

  • This is the very first build, bugs are expected. Please report all bugs in the Project Feedback section of the forum so they can be fixed quickly.
  • You can make new suggestions in the Project Feedback section.
  • We will begin a Dev Build system as soon as work begins on v1.1.0 (With bug fixes and new features). Each new feature will likely have its own Dev Build as they are committed.
  • While no obvious game breaking bugs were found during the initial testing of the project, the project is likely full of bugs.
    • Please report all bugs.
    • I do not recommend you run this build on a large public server. Instead, run it on a test server for optimal feedback.
    • I will not claim responsibility if anything goes wrong on your server, however, I will be interested in addressing any concerns you may have, or fixing...
by Mist at 3:00 PM
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Hello everyone, I felt now is an appropriate time to make an update as to how the project is coming along.

Development Progress:
We are slaving away to get the first beta build of ProjectKorra completed and stable enough to run. We are a bit more than halfway there, and progress is picking up, however, there is a lot of work left to do. I have created a Trello page for anyone to follow Development, it is updated live, I'd give it a look:

Trello: https://trello.com/b/df60DRGP/projectkorra-plugin

The plugin is runnable, however, it is not very usable at this time. That said, we are waiting before we release the first BETA until it is a bit more usable and more feature packed. Any of the beta builds are not recommended to be used on live servers, especially the first one. When we release the first beta build I would absolutely love for it to be run on several test servers, while reporting bugs back here so they can be fixed.

The project is also on GitHub:...
by Mist at 8:43 PM
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Hello all, welcome to Project Korra. This mega thread will provide information on the project in great detail, as well as list out some of the goals of the project.

What is 'Project Korra'?
Project Korra is a new place for members across the Bending Minecraft community to interact. Project Korra will cover more than just the existing Bending plugin available on the Bukkit platform, I hope that in time it will cover many more aspects of Minecraft. Things such as a new, completely rewritten Bukkit Plugin that is actively maintained, a full on Forge Mod, completely compatible with the plugin, Resource Packs, and more. This project is expected to last for a very long time, with the goal of bringing the Bending Minecraft community together.

Who Even Are You?
Hey, I'm MistPhizzle. If you own a server on the official Bending Server list available on Bukkit, chances are I've visited. I have been working on / with the existing plugin for the better part of two years, and...